Wills & Trusts (and all health care related documents)

Estate planning runs from the very simple to the highly complex. An estate plan can be made up of a simple “will” or simple “living trust” designed to pass on assets from one party to another following death, or an estate plan can be made up of more complex trusts and gifting techniques designed to minimize or avoid estate taxes following death.

Having a will ensures that your assets pass to the people whom you love in the manner you wish. A trust, which can be incorporated into a will, ensures that money and/or assets are protected from frivolous spending by spouses or children.

Various types of trusts are available, such as supplemental needs trusts, which can be funded either during lifetime or following a person’s death. Such trusts are designed to help provide for the support and welfare of a disabled child, sibling or other beneficiary, or for educational expenses.

At Robert J. Rubinstein & Associates, we focus on wills and trusts which are designed to be simple and effective to pass on or protect assets in the manner our clients direct and desire.

We can also prepare your health-care directives (living will, health care proxy, power of attorney) and related documents.

Call us today so that we can set up a meeting to learn about your needs, your desires and your expectations after you pass-on. We have been handling wills and trusts for over 30 years and can provide you with exactly what you need and help you determine how to accomplish your objectives.

*We do not provide estate tax minimization services. For estates worth over one million ($1,000,000.00) dollars we will discuss your potential need for New York estate tax planning with one of the qualified tax professionals with whom we work. We do, however, probate and administer all sized estates once a person is deceased.