Wills, Trusts, Probate, Estate Administration & Real Estate

The attorneys at Robert J .Rubinstein & Associates have practiced law in Riverdale and Manhattan for a combined 70 years. We are dedicated to understanding the needs of our clients so that we can properly draft their wills, trusts and related health care documents, as well as properly administer those wills & trusts when the time comes.

We feel that it is important to create personal relationships with our clients so that we can truly understand their wants and needs, which allows us to properly prepare and administer their estates in ways they would want and in accordance with the directions they provide during the planning phase.

When it comes to real estate, our years of experience in commercial and residential matters, including purchases, sales, lease transactions and property financings are invaluable resources to our clients. Our attorneys have worked in the legal departments of the City of New York as well as for Manhattan’s most prominent law firms handling commercial and residential real estate matters. We are here for all of our clients’ investment needs and personal home transactions.